Liu Guoyong

Associate professor

Room 809 School of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate courses: Metallurgical machinery design and manufacturing; Fluid simulation and applications

Graduate course: Numerical methods in fluid mechanics


Educational Experience:

2001-2007 Ph.D in mechanical engineering,

Department of mechanical equipment and control engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, USTB, Beijing, China

1988- 1992 B.E. in mechanical engineering,

Department of mechanical engineer, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, China


Work experience:

2018.11-2019.05 Visiting scholar, Virginia Tech, USA

2010-present, Associate professor, University of science & Technology Beijing (USTB), China

2007-2009 Assistant Professor, University of science & Technology Beijing (USTB), China

1992-2001 Mechanical engineer, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co. Ltd. Xiang-yang, China



Member of the Second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award 2008

Member of the First prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award 2015

 Member of China Patent Award of Excellence 2016



(1) Books

[1] Guoyong Liu. Fluid simulation and application, Metallurgical industry press, 2017.1, ISBN978-7-5024-7408-9

[2] Guoyong Liu. Numerical methods of fluid mechanics, Metallurgical industry press, 2016.5, ISBN978-7-5024-7226-9

(2) Representative Journal Publications

[1] LIU Guo-yong, Yang Yang, XU Hai-yang, ZHU Dong-mei. Numerical Analysis on uniformity of flow field for the new post-mixed abrasive water jet nozzle. Journal of Hunan University(Natural Sciences)(2019.11 Accepted).

[2] LIU Guo-yong, HOU Yong-tao, YE Xue-song, HE Guo-hui. Optimization of Geometric Parameters of the Hexagonal Chiral Structure Based on Orthogonal Experiment. Journal of Hunan University(Natural Sciences)(2019.6Accepted).

[3]G.Y. Liu , L.M. Dong , K.K. Wang, D.M. Zhu, S.J. Zhang, S.C. Gong , M.W. Li . Water–air online quenching process of 3Cr2Mo steel based on numerical simulation [J]. Ironmaking & Steelmaking,2016,43(10):780-789.

[4] LIU Guo-yong, WANG Kuan-kuan, DONG Li-ming, GONG Shi-chuang, ZHU Dong-mei, ZHANG Shao-jun. Online frequency-amplitude conversion quenching process of large 718 plastic die steel. TRANSACTIONS OF MATERIALS AND HEAT TREATMENT , 2016,37(3): 216-222.

[5] Liu, G. Y. ; Wang, K. K. ; Chen, X.X. ; Dong, L.M. ;Zhu, D.M.; Zhang, S.J.. Numerical simulation of internal flow field for post-mixed abrasive water jet descaling nozzle. Chinese Journal of Engineering, , 2015,37(S1):29~34.

[6] LIU Guo-yong, CHEN Xin-xin, ZHU Dong-mei, HANG Shao-jun, CHEN Ji-dong. Internal mixing chamber flow field of a premixed abrasive water jet descaling nozzle. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2014, 36(6): 830-837

[7] LIU Guo-yong, FENG Chao-fan, ZHANG Shao-jun, ZHU Dong-mei, JI Zhi-jian. Uniformity analysis on temperature field of steel pipe in the process of steel immersion quenching. TRANSACTIONS OF MATERIALS AND HEAT TREATMENT , 2014, 35(7):205-210.

[8] Zhu, D.M.; Liu, G.Y. ; Zhang, S.J.; Li, M.W. . Study on online pre-hardening process of large 3Cr2Mo die steel. Ironmaking and Steelmaking, 2014,41(5): 329-334

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[10] LIU G.Y., ZHANG S.J., YOU H.K., YIN F.F. The Research on Efficiency of Influencing Factors in Dismantling Electronic Components of Waste PCBs. Journal of Beijing University of Technology,2012, 38(4):596-601

[11] LIU Guoyong, ZHU Dongmei, ZHANG Shaojun, LI Mouwei. Influencing factors on cooling uniformity of large caliber seamless steel pipe during quenching. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2011, 33(2):232-236.

[12]LIU G.Y., ZHU D.M., ZHANG S. J., LI M.W. Influencing factors on convective heat transfer of impinging slot jet for quenching. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing,2009,31(5):638-642


(3)Conference Proceedings

[1] G. –Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, M.Song, C. –F. Feng , D. –M. Zhu .Numerical simulation on impingement heat transfer characteristics in ultra-fast cooling,2018 International Conference on Advanced Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation, AMIMA 2018,China, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology; University of Information Technology,2018.05.23-05.26

[2] Liu, Guo-Yong,Ma, Xue-Feng,Jiang, Hong,Zhu, Dong-Mei,Zhang, Shao-Jun,Uniformity analysis on temperature field of big diameter GCr15 bearing steel bar in the process of immersion quenching,2014 International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Computing Technology, ICMECT 2014,Shanghai, P.R. China,2014.4.9-4.10

[3] Liu, Guo Yong,Zhu, Dong Mei,Zhang, Shao Jun,Li, Mou-Wei,Gong, Shi-Chuang,Research on on-line pre-hardening process of 718H die steel,2013 International Conference on Process Equipment, Mechatronics Engineering and Material Science, PEME 2013,Wuhan, P.R. China,2013.6.15-6.16

[4] Liu, Guo-yong,Zhu, Dong-mei,Zhang, Shao-jun,Li, Mou-wei,Gong, Shi-chuang,Numerical simulation and experiment on quenching process of P20 die steel with new online pre-hardening equipment,2012 International Conference on Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics, ICMCM 2012,Dubai, UAE,2012.12.20-12.21

[5] Liu, Guoyong,Zhu, Dongmei,Zhang, Shaojun,Gong, Shichuang,Numerical simulation and experiment on quenching process of 718 mould steel with new online hardening equipment,2nd International Symposium on Advanced Rolling Equipment Technologies, ISARET 2012,Beijing, P.R. China,2012.4.7-4.9

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[7] Zhu, Dongme,Liu, Guoyong,Zhang, Shaojun,Zhu, Qishen,Transverse deformation control in low alloy wear-resistant steel quenching process,International Symposium on Advanced Rolling Equipment Technologies, ISARET2010,Taiyuan, P.R. China,2010.9.23-9.24



Guoyong Liu has published more than 60 publications, edited two textbooks and participated in the compilation of one book, and applied for 12 Chinese national patents, among which the first inventor applied for 6 Chinese national patents. Presided over and participated in more than 20 Chinese national and enterprise related scientific research projects.


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