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Lei Pei’s formal training and experience are in the areas of digital media technology, communication, art and design. During doctorate period her research was mainly in digital media art and questioning its essential issue with the method of Perception Psychology.

Her dissertation was "the Study of Perception Aesthetics in Digital Media Art". The purpose of the paper was to explore the relationship between the nature of arts and the life existence of human being. In my opinion, The decisive factors of arts in a certain age were the psychological factors of the individual artists and artist groups. Digital media art was the product of our era, and it created the way of diversified expression. The digits had the same nature as life codes and were weightless, intangible, and infinite. It seemed that the dialog-like communication and interaction between human being and machine allowed computers to break through the simple nature as a tool. Therefore, digital media arts with sensitive and fresh perception were extremely rich in vitality.

During the postdoctoral period Lei Pei mainly studied the digitalization of intangible cultural heritage. She completed a Ministry of Science and Technology's project, "the Key Technology and Application of Regional Cultural Heritage Exhibition System", in 2016. She also participated in organizing the first International Tangible Interaction Design and Innovation Exhibition which was the first national-level exhibition in the field of Tangible Interaction Design (TID) in China.

Lei Pei teaches digital media design and communication courses. She advises them in creating digital media products, making VR books and interactive applications. She carries out research on digital media art and experience design in virtual reality space.


Education Background

Postdoc, Industrial design, Tsinghua University , 2014~2016

PhD , Art communication, Communication University of China, 2010~2014

MA, Radio and TV art, Harbin Institute of Technology , 2005~2007

BA, Digital media technology, Harbin Institute of Technology , 2001~2005


Research Projects

-Research on user experience design method of VR film space, Humanities and social sciences fund of the Ministry of education, host, January 2019~Now

- Research and Application of the Four-Dimensional Evaluation System of Information Interaction Design. National Social Science Foundation Art Project. 3rd Participant. June 2016~June 2019.

- Research on Innovation of Virtual Reality Technology used in Cultural Industry. Basic Scientific Research Subsidized Project of University of Science and Technology Beijing. Host. December 2016 ~December 2019.

- Dynamic Composition. "13th Five-Year" Plan, Textbook Project of University of Science and Technology Beijing. Host. April 2018~April 2020.


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