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BA in Exhibition and Spatial Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, MA in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK), Ph.D. in Management of Cultural Industry from China Central South University in 2017. She got an opportunity as a transfer student to Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia in 2015. She once worked in the film and television department of Beijing Dongba Culture Industry Co., Ltd. and in Beijing Guo Min Xin He Holdings Co., Ltd. as the brand manager. From July 2017 to present, she is a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. Her main research interests are culture industry, museum public culture education, virtual museums and virtual workshops. She won China’s Top 10 Outstanding Youths in Design Industry of 2019 Dragon Design Foundation Award. Her personal project <The Personal Interpretor> was implemented at the Petrie Museum in London (2012). Participated in domestic and foreign projects such as <Speaker’s Corner>, <Freud Museum>, <Larnaca project>. She participated in the preparation of Annual Report on Development of Cultural Brands in China (2015) and two national-level project studies. She hosted one basic research fund of the Central University. In the last three years, she has published six papers, among which four are classified as ‘highly cited’ CSSCI papers. Her book <Far From the End of the Journey> was published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House (2015). She is now a member of the National College Internet Technology and Intelligent Media Design Committee, a member of the Council for the CSU Alumni Association for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, a member of the Council for Audio and Visual Art Education Professional Committee at the China Television Art Exchange Association, and a distinguished young scholar of Cultural Industries Institute of RUC.


Degrees Earned:

Ph.D. Cultural Industry, Central South University, China, 2014-2017

MA. Creative Practice for Narrative Environments, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UK, 2010-2012

BA. Exhibition and Spatial Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, 2005-2009

Prior Positions:

Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2017 to present


Honors and Awards: 

China’s Top 10 Outstanding Youths in Design Industry, 2019 Dragon Design Foundation Award

Excellent Instructor, Country Garden Young SDGs Social Design Awards, 2019

Excellent Instructor, the First Green Packaging Design Competition, 2019


(Selected publication)

1. YU Lei. Analysis on the Development Mode of Workshop in Creative Industry, Huxiang Forum, 01, pp114-124, 2019.1

2. YU Lei. Regional Culture and the Innovation of Product and Brand Promotion, Packaging Engineering, 06, pp38-41, 2017.3

3. YU Lei. Research on Pricing Mode of Creative Enterprises Based on Bilateral Market, Finance & Economics | Finance Econ, 03, pp65-74, 2017.3

4. YU Lei. Research on the development of low carbon science and technology and the innovation of regional policy, Seeker, 03, pp136-140, 2017.3

5. Ouyangyouquan, YU Lei. The problem domain of the history of network literary criticism, Journal of Central South University, 03, pp143-148, 2017.5 

6. YU Lei. Taiwan Huashan Cultural Park: Huashan's view, Culture space[C].Annual Report on Development of Cultural Brands in China(2015). Beijing: china market press,2015:202-207. 

(First publication book)

YU Lei. Far From the End of the Journey, Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, 2015. ISBN 9787540473785



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