Junhai Zhang



Lecturer, Department of Industrial Design, University of Science and Technology Beijing

The volunteers of science and technology experts of Beijing Science and Technology Commission

The tutor of innovation and entrepreneurship of USTB

The Special Expert of the International Expert Committee of Yantai Industrial Design Center of USTB

1. Long term engaged in product design and development, multimedia exhibition space design, computer simulation animation, urban public art and other scientific research projects;

2. Directional service for many equipment manufacturing and product R & D enterprises;

3. Support a number of small and micro start-up enterprises to carry out business smoothly;

4. Regularly carry out project analysis, guidance and evaluation for the entrepreneurial team of Beike university students;

5. Regularly participate in activities such as "science and technology poverty alleviation" and "science and technology voluntary action" of Beijing Science and Technology Commission.


  • Address:No. 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Telephone:010-2517221
  • Mailbox:meoffice@me.ustb.edu.cn
  • Zip code:100083

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