Yingying Zhang



Room610, Department of Industrial Design, Mechanical & Electrical


Ph.D. candidate, Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University, 2013-

M.A. University of Science & Technology, 2005-2007

B.A. University of Science & Technology, 2001-2004


Interest and Courses

Research interest:

Zhang Yingying, is interested into the emerging area of service design, as well as into design thinking and design methods. By extending the application of theory and practice, writing, and teaching as well as practicing the concepts and methods of service design, she joined SDNbeijing(Service Design Network, Beijing Chapter) as a co-founder in 2011, and as the director of SDNbeijing, she worked to promote service design education and service innovation practice in public sector and health care. 


Resent courses:

Service design

Service design thinking & methods

Book design














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