Associate Professor, deputy director

610 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Building

ZHENG Yang received her B. S. in Industrial Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and received her M. S. in Digital Media Design School of the East-West University of Korea. In 2000, she joined Beijing University of Science and Technology to build the major of industrial design. She currently is the deputy director and is responsible for teaching and related work of undergraduates in the department. More than ten professional courses have been set up for undergraduates of industrial design, undergraduates of visual communication design, and masters of design arts. Her courses include "Modeling Basics", "Design Express", "Product Design II", "Cultural Creative Product Design", "Folk Art Research", and many courses received the title of school-free classroom. "Product Design II" won the school research model teaching course. She actively promotes industry-university cooperation and strengthen students' design practice ability. She has served as the director of several projects, published many academic papers. She is the main designer of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Torch bidding project and the cultural and creative gift design project of Chinese National Museum. Her research interests include smart home product design, traditional folk art and cultural creative product design.


Degrees Earned:

B.S., Industrial Design, Tsinghua University, 1996/09-2000/09

M.S., Digital Media, Korea East-West University, 2004/03-2006/01


Prior Positions:

Deputy Director of Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2000-present


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