Mingji Huang

Associate Professor

510A, electromechanical building

Research fields: 

2D/3D printing, intelligent manufacturing, CAD/CAM, embedded system design and development

Undergraduate courses: Fundamentals of engineering materials and forming technology, Fundamentals of mechanical manufacturing technology, course design of mechanism technology, mold design and manufacturing

Graduate course: digital forming and manufacturing

Social/academic part-time: member of National Technical Committee of optical radiation safety and laser equipment standardization, member of industrial app standard working group of national beacon Commission. 

Education experience:

1991.09-1995.07, bachelor of mechanical design and manufacturing, School of mechanical engineering, Beijing University of technology and technology

1995.09-1998.03, master of automotive engineering, School of mechanical engineering, Henan University of science and technology

1998.09-2002.03, doctor of mechanical design and theory, School of mechanical engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Work experience:

2002.04-2002.06, senior programmer, Suzhou HaoChen Software Co., Ltd

2002.07-2010.05, lecturer, School of mechanical engineering, Beijing University of science and technology

2010.07--2014.01, associate professor, School of mechanical engineering, Beijing University of science and technology

2014.02-2015.01,Visiting scholar, Queen's University,

2015.02--, associate professor, School of mechanical engineering, Beijing University of science and technology


Representative works:

(1) HUANG Ming-ji, YANG Ying-chao, FENG Shao-chuan; Effect of 316L SLM Forming Process on Sliding Wear Characteristics and Hardness, Surface Technology,2020 49(01): 221-227.

(2) Chen, Ping ; Liu, Xiaojie; Huang, Mingji; Shi, Zhe; Shan, Bin;Numerical simulation and experimental study on tribological properties of stamping die with triangular texture, Tribology International,2019 132: 244-252.

(3) Huang Mingji; Wu Geng, Research of Wax Injection Modeling Precision and Simulation of Nozzle Transition Section, Special-cast and Non-ferrous Alloys 2017 37(9) : 971-975。

(4) Mingji Huang, Study on brush gesture feature recognition based on the 3D point cloud, ICIEA 2016, ,p1639-1643.

(5) Mingji Huang, Research on measurement techniques for mechanical properities of metal rubber based on 3D-DIC, ICIEA 2016,p2447-2450.

(6) Huang, Ming-ji ; Dong, Xiu-ping; Liu, Guo-quan;3D Modeling of the  preparation process of metal rubber material International Journal of  Minerals Metallurgy and Materials 2010 17(1) : 75-79.  

(7)Dong Xiuping Huang, Mingji 3D parametrical solid modeling research on metal rubber deformable materials, Materials Science and Technology, 2010,18(6):785-790.

(8) Mingji Huang, Research on Flexible Cable Geometric Modeling Technology in Virtual Maintenance Based on VRML, CCTA2009 ,p566-600.


Achievements and honors:

Published more than 40 academic papers, published one monograph on virtual numerical control technology and application, one translated book numerical control programming technology, and three teaching textbooks: introduction to numerical control technology, digital forming and advanced manufacturing technology, and Arduino foundation and application. won the first and second prizes of education and teaching achievements of Beijing University of science and technology for many times.



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