Wenming YANG


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Wenming Yang received a Ph.D and BS from Beijing Jiaotong University. He was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University, Beijing. From 2017 to 2018, he was an academic research fellow in the Department of Engineering at University of Cambridge. He is currently with the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. His laboratory activities seek to understand complex ferrofluid flow phenomena within steady, AC and rotating magnetic fields in order to be well used in seals, dampers and sensors. Other laboratory efforts include aerosol measurement, tribology and surface engineering. He has published over 20 papers on journals such as Physics of Fluids, Smart Materials & Structures, Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials, and Sensors & Actuators A: Physical.


Degrees Earned:

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 2006

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, 2012


Prior Positions:

Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2012-2014

Academic research fellow, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2017-2018


Honors and Awards:

Beijing Science and Technology Award (First prize, by Beijing government, 2009)

National Technology Invention Award (Second prize, by China' s State Council, 2012)



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  • Telephone:010-2517221
  • Mailbox:meoffice@me.ustb.edu.cn
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