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Dan Pan received her Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2016. She is now a lecturer at the Department of Logistic Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. Her research interests include cognitive characteristics, decision-making, network user behavior analysis, and human-computer problems in human-machine/system/robot collaboration. Her current research focuses on human factors verification and validation in human-machine integrated systems, spatial cognition and performance evaluation in teleoperation, cognitive feedback and cognitive fit in decision-making, emotional interaction in human-robot collaboration, social capital evaluation of users’ online interactions, etc.


Degrees Earned:

Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2016.

B.S., Industrial Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2010.


Prior Positions:

Postdoctoral, Statistics, Tsinghua University, 2016-2018.


Journal Papers:

[1] Pan D*, Yang L, She M, Ding X, Li Z. Effects of cognitive style and information acquisition method on diagnosis task performance. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 2020, 36(13), 1231-1241.

[2] Pan D, Bolton M L*. Properties for formally assessing the performance level of human-human collaborative procedures with miscommunications and erroneous human behavior. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2018, 63: 75-88.

[3] Pan D, Zhang Y*, Li Z. Predictive capability of cognitive ability and cognitive styles for spaceflight emergency operations performance. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2016, 54: 48-56.

[4] Pan D, Zhang Y*, Li Z, Tian Z. Association of individual characteristics with teleoperation performance. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, 2016, 87(9): 772-780.

[5] Wang C, Niu J*, Zhang Y, Pan D. An evaluation model based on the Fuzzy AHP for teleoperation performance. The International Journal of Aerospace Psychology, 29: 1-2, 42-52.


Conference Papers:

[1] Pan D, Zhang Y, Li Z. The effects of task complexity and spatial ability on teleoperation performance. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2017 (HCII 2017), Vancouver, Canada.

[2] Pan D, Bolton M L. A formal method for evaluating the performance level of human-human collaborative procedures. HCII 2015, Los Angeles, USA.

[3] Pan D, Chen N, Rau P L P. The Acceptance and adoption of smartphone use among Chinese college students. HCII 2013, Las Vegas, USA.

[4] Dong X, Pan D, Li Z, et al. Improving human-system interface design through human behavior assessment in the control room of nuclear power plants. International Symposium on Software Reliability, Industrial Safety, Cyber Security and Physical Protection of Nuclear Power Plant, 2017, 400: 143-151.

[5] Qiu Y, Pan D, Li Z, Liu P. A human reliability analysis approach based on the concepts of meta-operation and task complexity. 12th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management, 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.




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