Associate Professor

Jidian Building 809

Undergraduate Courses:Principle of microcomputer and its application B; Mechanical vibration Foundation

Postgraduate Courses:Machinery dynamics; Engineering Vibration


Educational Experience:

1994.09-1998.07 Wuhan University of Technology, Marine Engineering Management, Bachelor's degree

1998.09-2001.03 Wuhan University of Technology, Marine Engineering, Master's degree

2001.03-2005.03 Beijing Institute of Technology, Mechanical design and theory, Ph.D.

Work Experience:

2005.06-2009.06   Assistant Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, School of Mechanical Engineering

2009.07-Present    Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, School of Mechanical Engineering

2007.06-2007.09   Visiting Scholar, Latrobe University, Bedigo Campus, Australia

2013.12-2014.12   Visiting Scholar, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus , Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA


Major Journal Articles:

[1] Chen Bing, Zhang Lijie, Feng Zhanzong, et, al. Comparative experimental and numerical study on energy consumption of track-pin rubber bushing for high-speed tracked vehicles[J] Journal of AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING, 2019, 233(13), p 3480-3492.

[2] Chen Bing, Li Hongjiao, Liu Baiqian, et, al. Study on performance of electrostatic precipitator under multi-physics coupling[J], Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2019.12, 26(34), p35023-35033.

[3] Bing Chen, Jiwei Yan, Wei Mo, et, al, DEM simulation and experimental study on the screening process of elliptical vibration mechanical systems[J]. JOURNAL OF VIBROENGINEERING, 2019.11, 21(8), p2025-2038.

[4] Chen Bing, Tang Xiaolei, Analysis of the component forces of the nonlinear magnetic force in energy harvester[J], PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART E-JOURNAL OF PROCESS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.(accepted)

[5] Chen Bing, Guo Yongheng, Li Hongjiao, Liu Baiqian, et, al. Insights into the effect of the shape of collecting plates on particle precipitation processes in electrostatic precipitator[J] JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION.(accepted)

[6] Chen Bing, Guo Yongheng, Liu Chang, Hybrid reasoning configuration method of rescue vehicle based on cases and ruler study [C] ICACMVE2019,Chang sha China,2019.5. p 159-164

[7] Chen Bing , Shi Yutong, Zhang Lijie, Comparison and Applicability Analysis of Dynamics Models for Piezoelectric Energy Harvester[C] ESHT 19, Canada

[8] Chen Bing, Mo Wei, Xu Chuanlei, Zhang Lijie. Dynamic Adjust of Vibration Angle for Dual-drive Vibrating System[J]. Journal of Vibration, Measurement & Diagnosis, 2019.8, 39(4), 838-844. (in Chinese)

[9] Chen Bing, Shi Yutong, Zhang Lijie, Analytical model and tests for a hybrid energy harvester based on broadband multi-mode[J].Journal of Vibration and Shock, 2020, 39(13): 198-206. (in Chinese)

[10] Chen Bing, Li Jinpeng, Feng Zhan-Zong, Dynamic Analysis and Optimization Research of Balanced Elbow Based on Rigid-Flexible Coupling[J] Computer Simulation, 2019.11. (in Chinese)

[11] Chen Bing, Huang Yuanyuan, Yin Zhongjun, Robustness Research for Adaptive Control Algorithms of Pipe Conveying Fluid Vibration[J]. Journal of System Simulation Vol. 28 No. 6, Jun, 2016, p1445-1451,1460. (in Chinese)

[12] Chen Bing, Xue Junqiang, Wang Hui, et.al. Damping Properties of Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam Based on Poly MAX Modal Analysis Method[J], Materials for Mechanical Engineering. Vol, 40 No.3 Mar 2016, p57-60, 65. (in Chinese)

[13] Chen Bing, Zhang Jing, Deng Mingle, et, al, A Method for Improving the Calculation Efficiency of the Critical Velocity of Pipe[J], Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering. Vol.34 No.1,(1) 2015, p13-17. (in Chinese)

[14] Chen Bing, He Ming-Cheng, Yang Yang, Research on calculation methods of shape buckling load for cold rolled strips[J]. Steel Rolling, Vol.33, No.1, 2016, p27~32. (in Chinese)

[15]  B.Chen, Y.Y.Huang, Z.J.Yin. Research for Adaptive Control of the Pipes Conveying Fluid[C]. International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Applications (CISIA 2015) 2015.p689-692.

[16]  Bing CHEN, Jun-Qiang XUE,Zhong-Jun YIN Dynamic Characteristics Simulation of Foamed Aluminum Structure Based on Tetrakaidecahedron Model[C]//International Conference on Mechanics and Control Engineering (MCE) 2015, 515-521.

[17]  Chen Bing, Deng Mingle, Zhang Jing, et, al. Experimental Study on Parametric Resonance of Fluid Pipelines [J]. Noise and Vibration Control, 2013, 33(4): 237-241. (in Chinese)

[18]  Chen Bing, Deng Mingle, Yin Zhongjun. Calculation Analysis Of Natural Frequency of Pipe Conveying Fluid Resting on Pasternak Foundation [J]. Journal of Mechanical Strength, 2013, 6: 001. (in Chinese)

[19]  Chen Bing, Deng Mingle, Zhang Jing, Yin Zhongjun, et, al. Experimental Study on Parametric Resonance of Pipe Conveying Fluid Based on Laser Vibration Measurement Technique [J]. Journal of Vibration, Measurement & Diagnosis, 2014, 34(3): 560-564. (in Chinese)

[20] Chen B, Deng M L, Yin Z J. Study on the influence of gravity factor on parametric resonance of pipe conveying fluid[C]//Applied Mechanics and Materials. Trans Tech Publications, 2013, 300: 1235-1238.

Patents and software copyrights:

(1)Invention Patents

[1] Chen Bing, Xue Junqiang, Dong Shuhua. Cold-rolled steel strip bending and straightening machine with roll-rolling function. China CN201310392367.8

[2] Chen Bing, Lin Haihai, Dong Shuhua. Cold-rolled steel strip bending and straightening machine with simple roll-changing function. China CN201310392370.X

[3] Chen Bing, Yang Yang. Cold rolled wide-width thin strip steel broken edge shearing system and shearing method. China CN201310392474.0

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[6] Chen Bing, Mo Wei, Xu Chuanlei, Zhang Lijie, Liu Chang. Method for adjusting vibration direction angle of self-synchronizing elliptical vibrator and self-synchronizing elliptical vibrator. China CN201710960183.5

(2)Utility Model Patents

[1] Chen Bing, Guo Ruijuan. Abrasion-resistant work roll of sectional combined stretch-bending straightener. China CN201320541822.1

[2] Chen Bing, Xu Junqiang, Huang Leiyang. Water bath heating pickling experiment device. China CN201420681599.5

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[4] Chen Bing, Xu Chuanlei. A new type of integral beam structure for vibrating screen. China CN201621412121.8

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[7] Chen Bing, Du Yuanyuan, Xu Chuanlei, Li Yan. Variable ambient temperature material damping test device. China CN201720153629.9

(3)Computer software copyright:

[1] Chen Bing, Xue Junqiang, Wang Feng, Li Yan. Control system of water bath heating and pickling experiment device with shallow groove turbulence function. China 2014SR166370

[2] Chen Bing, Guo Yongheng. A data acquisition and analysis software for torque telemetry. China 2019SR0960541

[3] Chen Bing, Guo Yongheng. Software for optimizing calculation of process parameters of pickling straightening machine. China 2019SR1022641


Achievements and Honors:

2013   Excellent mentor of University of Science and Technology Beijing

2013   xcellent Teacher of Tianjin College of University of Science and Technology Beijing

2016   Excellent Teacher of Beijing Tianjin College of University of Science and Technology

2018  Advanced workers of University of Science and Technology Beijing

Research Experiences.

(1)Vertical Project:

[1] National key research and development plan "public safety risk prevention and emergency technology equipment"—— special sub-project " key technology research and application demonstration of the road emergency "project  Host

[2] National Science and Technology Support Plan: Research and demonstration of key technologies for a new generation of energy-saving and high-efficiency continuous heat treatment: The development of a new flatness instrument and flatness control system  Participant

[3] University of Science and Technology Beijing  National Metallurgical Engineering Research Institute Open Fund  Research on Mechanism and Control of Transverse Vibration of Flow Pipe  Host

(2)Military Projects:

[1] 2009031500501 xxx military project    Host

[2] Research on Power Loss Mechanism and Calculation Method of High Speed Tracked Vehicle Transmission -Track-Suspension Coupled Vibration  Host

(3)Fundamental Scientific Research Business Expenses of Central Colleges and Universities:

[1] Research of Parametric Resonance Control Algorithm and experiments of Non-Linear Pipeline   Host

[2] Research on Key Technology of Modern Mechanical System Dynamics Design Theory   Host

[3] Research on Key Technologies for High-Efficiency Propulsion of the Action System of High-Speed Tracked Armored Vehicles     Host.

[4] Research on the Core Technology of Efficient Propulsion of Highly Maneuverable Tracked Armored Vehicle Action System    Host.

(4)Horizontal Projects of Enterprise Cooperation:

[1] Research on Optimization and Evaluation of Technological Parameters of Tension Straightener  Host

[2] Research on Optimization of Technological Parameters of Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Acid Rolling Straightening Machine in xx Steel Plant  Host

[3] Research on Development and Industrialization of Engineering Technology of High Frequency Hydraulic Vibration Screening Machinery Equipment  Host

[4] High-precision roll matching technology for twenty-roll mill  Host

[5] Research on localization and engineering design of pulverized coal vibrating screen for large blast furnace  Host

[6] Development of lightweight optimization software for AS/RS automated three-dimensional warehouse structure  Host

[7]  Research on Vibration Test and Analysis of Key Power Equipment in High Transformer Substation  Participant

[8] High-precision dimension control technology of twenty-roll mill  Participant

[9] Research on Life test equipment for docking mechanism components  Participant

[10] Analysis and optimization of S1 basic automatic control system of cold rolling mill of xx steel mill  Participant

[11] Research on the core process control technology of C311 unit straightening machine of xx steel mill  Participant

[12]  Technological transformation of acid-rolling phosphorus-breaking tension straightening unit and scheme design and key parameter check of straight-pass straightening machine  Participant

[13] Research on Key Technologies of Lightweight and Reliability of General Trailer      Host

[14] Research on Key Technologies of High-efficiency Vibration Machinery Equipment Development    Host

[15] Development of a portable torque remote control device   Host

[16] Technical breakthrough in improving the extension ability of 2130 pickling and straightening machine    Host

[17] Research on Welding Process Simulation and Process Parameter Optimization of XXX company Acid Rolling Mill    Host

[18] Research on Partial Discharge Monitoring System of High Voltage Switch Cabinet   Host



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