Tian Han

Associate Professor


Jidian Building 811A

Undergraduate Courses:《 Electromechanical Transmission Control 》


Educational Experience

1996.09-2000.07   Institute of Automobile Engineering Jilin University,Automobile Engineering, Bachelor's   degree

2000.09-2002.07  Department of Mechanical Engineering The Graduate School               Pukyong National University, Master's degree  

2002.09-2005.07   Department of Mechanical Engineering The Graduate School               Pukyong National University, , Ph.D.


Work Experience:

2006.05-2011.06  Assistant Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, School of Mechanical Engineering

2011.07-Current   Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing, School of Mechanical Engineering 

2014.10-2015.10  Visiting Scholar, Queensland University of Technology,Science and Engineering Faculty


Journal papers:

1) Li Zhang, Han Tian*, Zhongjun Yin, Kaichun Zhao. Lane detection in dense fog using a polarimetric dehazing method. Applied Optics, 2020, 59.

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Conference papers:

17)Tian Han, Ze Wang, Zhongjun Yin, Andy C.C. Tan, Fault Recognition of Induction Motor Based on Convolutional Neural Network Using Stator Current Signal, 18th Asia-Pacific Vibration Conference (APVC 2019).

18)Tian Han, Ze Wangle, Andy C.C. Tan, Bearing fault state recognition and identification of degree of fault based on Convolutional Neural Networks, Asia Pacific Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2019 (PHMAP2019).

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Tian Han,Intelligent Fault Diagnostics System of Induction motor,LAMBERT Academic Publishing,248页,2014



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