Zhongjun Yin


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Education Background

University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB)

1990.03–1995.07 Ph.D., School of Mechanical Engineering

1987.09–1990.03 M.S., School of Mechanical Engineering

1981.09–1985.07 B.S., School of Mechanical Engineering

 Duke University, USA

2009.09-2010.09 Visiting Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Birmingham, UK

2018.11-2019.04 senior visiting academic, School of Chemical Engineering


Professional Experiences

2009.07-present Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, USTB.

1997.07-2009.07 Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, USTB.

1995.01-1997.07 Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, USTB.

1985.07-1987.09 Assistant Engineer, Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corporation.


Research Interests

Vibration control and utilization; Energy harvesting; Mechanical system dynamics.



[1] Yongqiang Duan,Zhongjun Yin,Bing Chen. A study on the influence of particle kinematics on the energy dissipation characteristics of dampers [J]. Journal of Vibration and Shock, v39, p215-221.April, 2020

[2] Zhikai Xu,Zhongjun Yin, Tian Han. Prediction of Particle Motion Modes and Energy Dissipation Based on SVM [J]. Research and Exploration in Laboratory, v39, p59-64. January, 2020

[3] Xiaoyu Song,Zhongjun Yin,Bing Chen. A study on the effects of particle impact forms on energy dissipation of dampers [J]. Journal of Vibration and Shock, v38, p138-143.December, 2019

[4] Fan Su, Hang Zhang, Zhongjun Yin. Effects of rheology behaviour and material parameters of granular material on energy dissipation of a particle damper [J]. Journal of Vibration and Shock, v37, p238-244. January, 2018

[5] Zhongjun Yin, Jiusong Zhao, Hang Zhang, etc. Solving piezoelectric energy acquisition problem for vortex induced vibration with Adams method [J]. Journal of vibration and shock, v36, p152-156 and 163 v 36, December, 2017

[6] Zhongjun Yin, Fan Su, Hang Zhang. Investigation of the energy dissipation of different rheology behaviors in a non-obstructive particle damper [J]. Powder Technology, v321, p270-275, November 2017

[7] Zhongjun Yin, Hang Zhang, Tian Han, Simulation of particle flow on an elliptical vibrating screen using discrete element Method [J]. Powder Technology, v302, p443-454, November, 2016

[8] Junwu Wu, Zhongjun Yin. Numerical investigation on vortex-induced vibration energy extraction efficiency of double circular cylinders in tandem arrangement at low Reynolds number. MATEC Web of Conferences, v153, February 26, 2018

[9] Fan Su, Hang Zhang, Zhongjun Yin. Energy dissipation mechanism of a non-obstructive particle damper based on DEM simulation. MATEC Web of Conferences, v 104, April 14, 2017

[10] Jinchao Zhao, Hang Zhang, Fan Su, Zhongjun Yin. A novel model of piezoelectric- electromagnetic hybrid energy harvester based on vortex-induced vibration. ICGEA 2017, p105-108, May 10, 2017


Research Projects and Funding

Research of engineering emergency technologies for complex environment with application demonstration (in progress)

Research of new energy saving and system intelligent control technologies for fluid machinery (in progress)


Industry Projects

Development of elliptical vibrating screen (be used abroad);

Development of hydraulic taphole drilling machine (be used abroad);

Co-simulation of Automatic Jumping Control System of Hot Strip Mill Coiler, Collaboration with Tangshan Iron & Steel Co.,LTD (finished);

Simulation of Automatic Vertical Tongs, Collaboration with Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,LTD ;

Design of rotary hearth furnace as well accessory equipment (finished);

Testing analysis of vibration and noise of oxygen set, Collaboration with Xuanhua Iron & Steel Co.,LTD (finished);



Academic Committee of Smelting Equipment, China, secretary.

 Academic Committee of Metallurgical Equipment, China, member.



 “Outstanding Teacher” of USTB.

 “The Most Popular Teacher” of USTB

“The First Prize for science and technology progress” of Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


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