Electro-mechanical System Dynamics and Fault Diagnostics Group

Electro-mechanical System Dynamics and Fault Diagnostics Group is directed by Prof. Zhipeng Feng. This group is composed of 3 faculty staffs, 7 doctoral students and 12 graduate students. They work towards developing high-quality condition monitoring and fault diagnosis methods for complex electro-mechanical systems in transportation, power generation and other industrial applications. They have advanced research facilities, including test rigs for electro-mechanical transmissions, planetary and fixed-shaft gear systems, rolling bearings and rotors, as well as LMS data acquisition system and various PCB sensors. Under the support by 1 National Key Research and Development Project and 5 projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, they have published over 40 peer-reviewed papers on international journals, including Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Journal of Sound and Vibration, IEEE and ASME transactions.



Photo of the diagnostics laboratory members


Prof. Zhipeng Feng, group leader

 Dr. Xiaowang Chen

 Dr. Yunpeng Guan

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       非平稳信号处理方法                            机械系统动力学                     状态监测与智能故障诊断

                Nonstationary signal analysis          Machinery dynamicsCondition    monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis


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