Brief introduction of scientific research echelon of mechanical principle

The members of the echelon include 1 professor (including 1 doctoral supervisor), 1 associate professor and 2 lecturers, all of whom have obtained doctoral degrees, of which 2 have overseas study or research experience.

Echelon undertakes the undergraduate course "mechanism and machine theory", which has been awarded the national excellent course and national excellent resource sharing course, "mechanical innovation design", "MEMS", postgraduate course "tribology", "MEMS design and manufacturing".

The main research direction of echelon is compliant mechanism. The design theory of compliant mechanism is combined with the design of robot arm and compliant actuator. Based on the research of flexure hinge with large deformation and variable stiffness, the design method of flexure hinge with large deformation and variable stiffness is put forward. And it has a good prospect in aerospace, biomedicine, precision engineering, MEMS and other fields.

At the same time, the profile and flatness control of free schedule rolling of electrical steel is studied. It provides theoretical and methodological support for the reasonable integration of various flatness control methods and equipment in the free schedule rolling of electrical steel, and has achieved research results such as significant improvement in the physical quality of electrical steel plate, significant improvement in the uneven wear of rolls, etc.

Research on the synergistic enhancement effect of liquid crystal and carbon nanotubes on lubrication performance and the tribological related work. It provides support for the design of high-performance lubricants. The research topics involved multi-disciplinary fields such as nanomaterials, tribology, and surface chemistry, surface/interface contact and tribology, micro energy system and nano generator,which enriched the lubrication theory and practice under micro-nano scale confinement. It has important scientific research and engineering application value.

The echelon team has undertaken and completed a number of subjects such as NSFC and national key R & D program.




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