Mechanical Behavior and Control Research Group

The ‘Mechanical Behavior and Control’ Research Group is developed from the "Research Institute of Strip Rolling Mill" founded by Professor Chen Xianlin (Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering). The research interests are focused on the mechanical behavior of metallurgical machinery, roll contour design and strip shape control of wide rolling mill, detection and control technology of continuous rolling mill in the steel production fields for more than 30 years. All the work above has kept the advanced level over the world and many important achievements have been made, including the first prize of national science and technology progress, the first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology progress, etc. 


There are 3 professors (Zhang Jie, Cao Jianguo, Li Hongbo), 1 associate professor (Zeng Xinxi) and 1 lecturer (Kong Ning) in the research group, all of whom have obtained doctoral degrees and have overseas study or research experience. Our group undertakes 7 undergraduate courses and 4 postgraduate courses. 10-15 postgraduate students and 3-4 doctoral students are recruited to study and work in the team every year. In recent years, the group has been expanding its research fields and made remarkable progress in flexible roll forming, nano lubrication, equipment vibration state monitoring, aerospace mechanism design, robotics, electronic skin, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, additive manufacturing, etc. The research group has undertaken or completed the National Science and Technology Support Program, National Natural Science Foundation, National Key R&D Program of China and cooperation projects with national key enterprises. It has also established good relations with relevant research institutes and world famous universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Australia and other countries, and has carried out cooperative research and talent training.




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