The Advanced Manufacturing and Metal forming lab (AMMF)

The Advanced Manufacturing and Metal forming lab (AMMF) combines theoretical, computational and experimental methods of solid mechanics to study the link between microstructure and macroscopic properties of a variety of materials with diverse applications in science and technology. The aim is to explore manufacture strategies for novel materials and better understand the deformation mechanism of materials. Efficient and accurate models (ranging from the atomic scale to the macroscopic continuum level) and experiments are applied in our research. Our interests include:

    1.Advanced materials processing,

    2.Multiscale Numerical modeling and simulation,

    3.Damage and fracture in deformation based manufacturing,

    4.Surface and interface analysis,

    5.3D print processing,

    6.Friction, lubrication during metal forming

To support these research activities, we has conducted more than 30 research projects from the National Science Foundation of China, including a NSFC key research project, General Research Fund (GRF), Innovation and Technology Fund from the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong Government, and also various funds from the HK PolyU and governmental agencies.

We have provided an excellent training ground for our undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to advance their critical thinking skills, to gain independent research capabilities, to build-up collaborative team-work experience.


  • Address:No. 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Telephone:010-2517221
  • Zip code:100083

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