“Microfluidic Fabrication” Group Introduction

Group Leader: Prof. Jiang Li
Group Members: Wenming Yang, Shuaishuai Liang
Research Introduction:

Microfluidic system is an important branch of the micro mechanical-electrical systems (MEMS). Microfluidic fabrication is an advanced technology to fabricate compound-structured bubbles, droplets and particles in microscale, with the precisely controlling of the micro-flow and the interaction between the interfaces. It has widely applications in new energies, aerospace industries, mechanical engineering, bio-chemistry engineering, and medicine and health area.

The “Microfluidic Fabrication” group specializes in utilizing the advanced control ability of microfluidic method over microscale fluids and droplets, in order to achieve the structure and function design for micro-sized particulate materials, namely, the microfluidic fabrication technology. The group research interests include: Design and production of advanced ceramic microsphere materials, focusing on applications such as thermal spray feedstock, high performance heat insulation, etc.; Bio-microfluidic chip design and assembly, dedicated to the experimental research of flow and interaction in bio microchannels (e.g. vessel, sweat gland); Microfluidic physics, mainly investigating the fluid dynamics and control mechanisms underlying the microfluidic fabrication procedures. Microfluidic technique is a well-developed approach that is capable of precisely controlling fluids confined within microchannels as well as micro-sized droplets. The research field involves multi-disciplinary fields ranging from engineering, physics, chemistry, micro-manufacturing, and bio-engineering, etc., making it a total multi-disciplinary field.



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