Introduction of ‘Part Rolling’ Research Group

The ‘Part Rolling’ Research Group is developed since 1958. Our research interests are focused on the Cross Wedge Rolling, Skew Rolling and rolling equipment for more than 60 years. All the work above has kept the advanced level over the world and many important achievements have been made, including the State Technological Invention Award, the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award and ministerial scientific and technological progress award, etc. There are 3 professors( Hu Zhenghuan, Lin Jianguo, Wang Baoyu), 2 associate professors ( Liu Jinping, Yang Cuiping) and 2 researcher associates( Zheng Zhenhua, Zhou Jing) in the research group. 8-10 postgraduate students and 2-3 doctoral students are recruited to study and work in the team every year. The research group has undertaken or completed the National Key Research and Development Project, National Science and Technology Support Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program and General Program) and cooperation projects with enterprises. It has also established good relations with relevant research institutes and world famous universities such as Imperial College London, and has carried out cooperative research and talent training.

Main research areas:

    (1) New technologies of part rolling

    Rolling technologies with high efficiency and environmental protection;precision rolling;flexible rolling; large parts rolling; micro parts rolling

    (2) Mold technologies and Digitalization

    Digital design and manufacture of mold; manufacturing technology of mold with long life, high hardness and high precision; Laser strengthening and remanufacturing technology

    (3) Forming equipment and intelligent control

    New equipment; Automation, digitization and intellectualization of equipment

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                                                                                                 Hu Zhenghuan            Wang Baoyu             Liu Jinping

                                                                                                      Professor                  Professor           Associate Professor

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    Associate Professor     Researcher Associate     Researcher Associate


The team of ‘Part Rolling’ Research Group


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